Supplemental Income 401k Plan


The Supplemental Income 401k Plan (SIP401(k) Plan) appreciates the opportunity to be considered as the 401k provider for the Dairy Farmers of America and Prairie Farms members.   The Supplemental Income 401(k) Plan (SIP) is a large multi-union, multi-employer, collectively bargained Taft-Hartley 401(k) plan which over $1.2 billion in assets and 26,000 participants. It is well established and is currently offered by many unions and hundreds of their employers nationwide.

We will be sending an enrollment booklet, employer brochure and a blank Subscriber Agreement for your review.

  • Enrollment      booklet- explains the details of the Plan from A to Z and also contains      the enrollment form.

  • Employer      brochure- explains how the Plan will add value to the employer, the      business agent and the members.

  • The      Subscriber Agreement- the legal document required to be completed and      signed by the Union and the employer reflecting the terms in the CBA.

Additionally, we want to share an efficient way The SIP 401K Plan can provide a 401k presentation.  The link can be added to your website and members can receive the link via email or text as well. Our trustees demand that we are member friendly and we pride ourselves on our member service.